Thursday, April 02, 2009

Chicken Ridge Meadow

Oil on Canvas Panel: 8x10 Title: Chicken Ridge Meadow Price: $320.

Studio painting done from photo. Gold Bar Ranch area, this is from the bridge over Deep Creek and just to the right of the 3rd painting below this one. Nice area to paint.

Snow Creek Area

Oil on Canvas Panel: 8x10 Title: Looking At Snow Creek Area Price: $320.

Studio Painting done from a photo I took from the Gold Bar Ranch area looking at the Snow creek dranage. This one, the one before this and the next one were all taken from a bridge I was standing on so there are 3 different views of the same area.

Deep Creek

Oil on Canvas Panel 7.5x9 Title: Deep Creek Price $270. Plein-Air

Painted this at the end of Febuary, snow was starting to go and it was a half-way decent day but still cold so couldn't do more than about 1 hour outside painting or your fingers would go num.

Tundra Swans

Oil on Canvas-16x20 Title: Tundra Swans (Kootenai Valley) Price: $1300.

Studio painting done from imagination-no photo. This painting was created in about a 6 hour session. I was happy with the results and called it done. I might change it at sometime now that I've had a chance to look at it for a few months. I painted this back in January and just getting around to posting it.

Paradise Valley

Oil on Canvas Panel: 6x8 Title: Paradise Valley-Price: $190 Plein-Air

This is a Plein Air painting done in Febuary 2009. Lot of snow on the ground and it was cold out but Bob and I got out this day and got one done before we had to give it up. Couldn't feel the fingers anymore.


Oil on Canvas Panel: 9x12-Title: Westside: Price: $430.

This is a Studio Painting done from imagination, it is representational of the area I like so I'm very familiar with it and am confortable doing paintings in this manner. Which I've done all my life. I don't like painting from Photographs because it seems to confines you. I like to have more freedom and able to put my soul into things. You get that when you paint from your mind.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bob's Driveway

title: Bob's Driveway
media: Oil on Canvas Panel
size: 6x8
price: $190
artist: Dalas Klein

First Plein-Air painting of the year 2009. Finally got warm enough to go outside an do a little painting, about 30 this day so wasn't to bad, it has been down in the low teens and below zero for the last 3 weeks.

Lake Ponderay Sunrise

title: Lake Ponderay Sunrise
media: Oil on Canvas Panel
size: 7x14
price: $390
artist: Dalas Klein

First painting of the New Year 2009, done in the studio from my imagination.

Cliffty Mountain

title: Cliffty Mt.
media: Oil On Canvas Panel
size: 7x12
price: $335
artist: Dalas Klein

Winter time in North Idaho 2009. This is a improvised painting of a mountain in our area. The mt. is accurate and the forground is made up.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chicken Ridge Clay Banks

title: Chicken Ridge Clay Banks
media: Acrylic on panel
size: 9x12
price: $550
artist: Dalas Klein

I'm doing a Oil painting of this scene, got tired of working on it, so desided to do a Acrylic painting of the same scene so here it is. Sometimes it helps me when I'm stuck on a painting to go to another media like acrylic to get a different feel or look or just shake it up abit, different ideas.

River Rocks

title: River Rocks
media: Oil on panel
size: 7x7.5
price: $260
artist: Dalas Klein

Plein-Air painting done this fall down by the Kootenai River one after noon. Nice and warm and sun was just setting, really blinding, for we were looking right into it.

Autumn Gold

title: Autumn Gold
media: Oil on panel
size: 8x10
price: $320
artist: Dalas Klein

The three following paintings were Plein-Air paintings done out at the game reserve. All from the same spot. One a day for three day's and about one hour for each painting.

Marsh In The Fall

title: Marsh In The Fall
media: Oil on board
size: 7x8
price: $280
artist: Dalas Klein

Another Plein-Air painting of the game reserve.

Fall Willow Trees

title: Fall Willow Trees
media: Oil on board
size: 7x7.5
price: $260
artist: Dalas Klein

Plein-Air painting done out at the game reserve this fall.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

media: pastel on Fabriano paper
size: 8x10
artist: Dalas Klein

First time I've done a Pastel sents I was about 12 years old and at that time it was my first painting of some Flamingo's. So I think I'll try doing some more from time to time it was fun and you can alway learn from all new things that you try, it helps you also in the medias you are familier with.


media: graphite pencil on newsprint
size: 4.5x4.5

Another drawing from Henry Yin's book.


I've been doing a figure drawing get-together this winter, once a week. About 10 Artist gather at the Redtail Gallery in Sanpoint, Idaho, owned by Mark Kobiak, who is a Sculptor. We hire a live model to work from and has been a great excersize for myself and I think everyone. Althought this paticular drawing isn't from the class. I ordered a figure drawing book by Henry Yan's and I think he is one of the best drawers I have seen. So while I'm watching T.V. at night I have been drawing from his book, so these are copies of his work, but the point is a person has to start somewhere and it makes me draw and in the long run it will make me a better painter, drawer and Artist as a hole.

media: charcoal on newsprint-gray
size: 7x11

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bob's Back Yard

title: Bob's Back Yard
media: Oil on Board
size: 8x9
price: $350
artist: Dalas Klein

Plein-Air painting of Bob Bissett's back yard, birch trees turning color this fall and a fun painting to do.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Started this last night about 9pm, painted 1hr.15mins and went to bed. I'll see what it looks like in the morning. Well it's morning and I almost think I could call this done, except I want to put a Blue Heron fling right by the to trees on the right and then I think it would be complete. Oil on Canvas-14x22

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Scottsman Peaks

title: Scottsman Peaks
media: Oil on Canvas
size: 10x16
price: $800

Painting was done Plein-Air and finished in studio. Painted from the town of Clarks Fork, Idaho. Looking at the Scottsman Peak area, proposal for wilderness.